You have set your life up nicely:

  • great goals
  • great family
  • great friends
  • great work environment/business
  • great subordinates/associates/co-workers
  • great product/service


You have lost your passion! You feel:

  • unmotivated
  • everything is just too much
  • an unexplained, persistent, and relapsing exhaustion
  • fatigued – a lingering tiredness

Possible causes:

  • Depression due to a chemical imbalance or other medical condition
  • Depression due to poor “mental hygiene” (anxiety, etc.)
  • Poor nutrition (food allergies, food intolerance, bad eating habits, etc.)
  • Dehydration (body losing more water than it takes in)
  • Too little oxygen (to burn the fuel in your cells to produce energy)
  • Too little sleep

Get your passion back:

  • Establish what the problem is (if necessary get professional help)
  • Learn about:
    • oxygenation
    • allergies, food intolerance
    • nutrition
    • hydration
    • sleep disorders
    • mental “hygiene”
    • etc.
  • Take practical steps to get on top of the problem

Reflect on the following:

  • It is easier to maintain than attain momentum!
  • A Man Grows Most Tired While Standing Still – Chinese Proverb
  • Inaction sap the vigour of the mind – Leonardo da Vinci
  • Energy and persistence conquer all things – Benjamin Franklin
  • The world belongs to those with the mostenergy
  • Anxiety and fear can produceenergy if you focus on the solution, not the problem
  • You are energetic when you act that way!