A Message from the Founder

Jovan Pretorius

Jovan Pretorius

Let Jovan find you the best deal for your business.

As a small business lending specialist, I’m privileged to help businesses change the way they get funds. For the last six years, I’ve been at the forefront of the finance industry seeing how cutting edge technology has changed the lending environment. Alternative lending is now more than ever a smart choice for business owners.

Having the privilege of working with many business owners, I understand the finance and cash flow challenges businesses face. My experience working with a range of diverse industries means I’ve seen how each industry tackles different problems. It’s been fantastic to witness businesses positively transform as they use fintech technology to drive growth.

Over the years I’ve built strong relationships with multiple lenders – all who have various approaches to the market, and offer different solutions based on your unique business challenges.   

Common to most businesses is the need to access cash quickly and easily. The banks for too long have made it a slow process to get business finance, but with the explosion of alternative fintech lenders, times have changed. 

Small business owners are now aware there are alternative lenders out there to help them with cash quickly. But they often aren’t sure which lender can give them the best deal and who suits their needs.  

Plus, the new challenges around COVID-19 are leaving business owners with lots to think about.

  • Will they qualify for new loans?
  • Are lenders still helping?
  • Can the banks help?
  • What’s the government involvement with financial institutions?
  • Which lenders have government backing?
  • Where can the best deals be found? 

This is where Smart Advance can help. Because small business lending is all that we do, we’re ready to help you understand who is lending and to what industries.

Right now there are lenders who may not have government backing but are still offering incredible deals and loan deferrals. They understand the market has changed so they’ve changed lending parameters. Allowing you to take advantage of the superior service and speed that alternative lenders offer.

We know you have enough going on right now and don’t always have the time to research the best options available to you. Here at Smart Advance, we’ve done the hard work for you. 

We’ve partnered with an incredible AI platform, that uses deep learning and analytic technology to comprehensively assess which lender will be best for your business. You just need to complete one application to see multiple lenders and we’ll help you to choose the best lender for your needs. 

This leading technology helps you understand if you qualify for a loan in the alternative lending space in the current tough environment. All without a credit check being recorded on your file.

While we can’t make any promises, what we do know is we’ve got the experience hands and best technology to be your business’s best bet to find an alternative lender that suits your needs.