In today’s difficult economic environment, all businesses are racing against each other to increase sales, improve margins and retain increasingly cost aware customers. Businesses are pressured to reinvent themselves, differentiate and separate their model from competition to stay relevant, survive and prosper in the long term. You need to have a trump card, a game changer that will set you apart, make your product desirable and easy to access. Smart vendor finance might be that game changer you were looking for. Smart vendor finance might be something that in 2015 will open a new world of clients, sales and profits to you and your business.

By becoming a SMART VENDOR PARTNER, you will be able to offer unsecured finance to your clients of up to $250,000. Once the loan is approved you’ll get paid the bulk of the loan amount immediately. We all know that cash flow is the king and with SMART@VANCE you can close your sales deals much faster, have more products in your sales mix and get paid much faster!

How does it work?

  • Apply to become a vendor
  • Receive approval within 24 hours
  • Smart@Vance to assist in customising the offer to your clients
  • Smart@Vance to help set up webpage and branded application forms for your clients

Why use Smart@vance to finance your clients?

  • Fast approval and funds within 3-5 days
  • No hidden fees
  • Best unsecured rates on the market
  • The loan is based on the health of your clients business, nothing else.
  • White label products available
  • Applications can be received via your website
  • The offering can be packaged as an interest free option
  • Smart@vance to help set up webpage and branded application forms for your clients

Instead of just letting your patrons and future sales fend for themselves and look around for purchases with built in financing options, consider leveraging SMART@VANCE business-to-business vendor finance program to grow your sales and strengthen lucrative relationships. To take advantage of this offer or for more information about Smart Vendor Finance, contact us at SMART@VANCE.