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The Benefits of Expanding Your Business

Growing your own business can be both exciting and stressful, but the long term benefits they present make them all the more worthwhile.

If your company is getting busier and you’re meeting lots of new clients, it’s time to consider giving your business a bit of an upgrade. These are the long term benefits that an expansion or renovation can bring your business:

Company branding

The way your clients perceive your office, retail or restaurant space can have a significant impact on the business you get. Does your workspace look modern, well-looked after? Is it a friendly space that looks inviting to new customers? Your work space constitutes one part of the multi-faceted ‘faces’ of your business (the others being your website, social media present etc.).  Making a good first impression can help drive a lot of traffic, and this is one of the main reasons you should consider a renovation.

Happy employees = happy workplace

When your business is growing, you’ll often find your hard working employees are doubling up and taking on multiple roles in order to keep up with customer demand.  This can take its toll, and is more than a good reason to consider expanding your business so you have enough staff and resources to dedicate themselves properly to each task.

A makeover can also improve staff experience and increase productivity and efficiency. For example, open concept spaces make it easier for employees to interact and create a stronger ‘team’ environment.

Be more energy efficient

Making your office energy efficient not only helps the environment, but also helps you lower costs in the long run.  Use energy star qualified products, power strips, ditch paper and use document sharing applications – these things all help reduce energy consumption and waste. Get ahead of the growth of the ‘green’ industry and position your company as an innovative leader.

These goals are completely realistic and accessible to help your business in the long term. Consider a Smart Business Loan from Smart@Vance for the flexibility you need to improve your business.

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